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Mag. Bernhard Großruck is a publicly approved and judicially certified expert for real estate valuation and the establishing of rents.

Constant market observation and market presence through the activity as a real estate agent, many years' experience, relevant university education in conjunction with a postgraduate attendance of the Center of Valuation and Certification ( and the legal obligation for further professional training ensure the highest quality for real estate valuation.

Mag. Bernhard Großruck's certification as a publicly approved and judicially certified expert includes the following fields in the specialist group 94, real estates (valuation, administration, use):

94.10 Real estates for commercial or industrial purposes (building sites)

94.15 Apartment blocks, properties of mixed use (building sites, condominium objects)

94.17 Single-family houses, two-family houses (building sites)

94.23 Business premises

94.60 Rent and user fee

94.65 Building sites

The sales comparison approach, the real value method and the income value appraisal method are usually the assessment methods for the derivation of the market value.


The following occasions of valuation from the focus of my work as a real estate valuer:

  • You need an expert opinion for the acquisition or sale of a property and want to know the market value 
  • Exchange of a property
  • The bank needs an expert opinion for the use of a property as loan collateral


Transfer, testamentary dispositions, wills, inheritance, divorces:

  • Dealing with property assets
  • Transfer of a property
  • Market value in accordance with property value regulation and the law of land transfer tax
  • Property value in accordance with the property value regulation
  • Looking for the fair market value by an appraisal reports in accordance to the property value regulation
  • Gifting a property


Fiscal occasions of valuation:

  • Valuation report on the basis of an arm's length approach of the market value, rent or user fees for the submission at the tax office
  • In the course of the termination of a business the market value of the property should be determined


For your company: 

  • You need an expert opinion for the division of your assets within the scope of a testamentary disposition
  • A manager or shareholder buys or sells a property from or to a company and the arm's length of the property value, rent or user fee should be determined objectively, in order to avoid liabilities and future disputes.
  • Acquisition or sale of a company with a property ownership
  • Change of the social structure in a company with property ownership
  • Consolidation of shares or re-establishment in accordance with the Reorganization Tax Act.
  • Accounting purposes
  • Property-portfolio analysis or valuation
  • General determination of property assets
  • The real estate values of a company should be reviewed in the course of a Due Diligence in order to prevent liabilities of the acting bodies in accordance with the company and civil law.


For investors, property developers and project developers: 

  • You want to detect the potential of your property or of your whole real estate portfolio.
  • Plausibility checks of investment decisions for property developers and project developers
  • You are a property or project developer and want to fall back on our market knowledge and our excellent data research for a data input for property and project development calculations
  • Significant market analysis as a secure base of feasibility studies, for the determination of the competitive position in different situations (such as project development, marketing strategies), for the presentation of the real estate market in certain regions etc. and last but not least also as a base for the determination of market value.