Mag. Bernhard Grossruck

T+43 512 580 242-11
F+43 512 582 535
M+43 664 20 19 128


Manager / owner

Property trustee (officially inspected real estate agent, property manager, developer)

Publicly approved and judicially certified expert

As a jurist with an emphasis and relevant training in real estate related fields of law I ensure that transactions are done fairly and that purchase and rental contracts are completed watertight for all contracting parties. Therefore, obstacles are removed in advance so afterwards they won't lead to nasty surprises for the seller or the buyer.

Due to my 15 years of experience in the real estate industry I oversee the market for you.

Therefore, I am able to find the right interested parties for you and also to identify, evaluate and acquire the appropriate target objects in order to integrate them in your real estate portfolio, even if the real estate wishes are unusual.

Specialities: operational properties, luxury residential properties, real estate investments, rent and tenement house, exclusive property search, off market properties, deal sourcing, real estate related support of Due Diligence - examinations, confidential transactions, private office, trusted advisory

Publicly approved and judicially certified expert:

Speciailist group real estates (valuation, administration, use):


  • 94.10 Real estates for commercial or industrial purposes (building sites)
  • 94.15 Apartment blocks, properties of mixed use (building sites, condominium objects)
  • 94.17 Single-family houses, two-family houses (building sites)
  • 94.23 Business premises 94.60 Rent and user fee
  • 94.65 Building sites




Matthias Weger

T+43 512 580 242-13
F+43 512 582 535
M+43 664 63 51 408

Matthias Weger

Certified real estate agent / employee

Due to my experience in the real estate sector I distinguish myself through professional competence as well as flexibility, in order to fulfil preferably all your customer wishes. Over the last years I have learned to put you property in perspective and have gathered enough experience in sales in order to be able to give you a hand concerning property sales and purchases.

As a real estate agent your customer satisfaction is my top priority. A goal, that we toghether as a team, but also each team member individually tries to achieve as good as possible.





Elisabeth Nahome Jenner

T+43 512 580 242-14
F+43 512 582 535
M+43 664 20 19 121

Elisabeth Nahome Jenner

Certified real estate agent / employee

Born in England, with a hotellerie background, I manage international enquiries and provide expert advice and assistance in the procurement of your entreprenural projects in Tirol.

I started my career in the financial sector, my personal background being in sales, where I have spent the last fifteen years developing the necessary skills, essential for finding out the customer's real needs and providing the highest level of customer service.

Property and living have long been a passion of mine and through my experience and and continual education in marketing and real estate I  ensure professional and accurate real estate transaction service.

I thank all of my current and past clients and am grateful for the trust they have afforded me in dealing with their property sale and very much look forward to working with you and you property.