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A widespread opinion amongst real estate salesmen/saleswomen is, that the leasing of a property is less expensive to manage without a real estate agent. But a leasing without professional expertise can easily lead to unnecessary difficulties.

These are the advantages you have if you choose to give us the exclusive selling rights for the leasing of your real estate property:

  • Competent gathering of object data and records - therefore faster and safer processing
  • Competent determining of a rent price, because excessive offering prices lead to merciless "ruining" of the property on the market and on the bottom line to squandering - and of course you don't want to rent it out too cheap either
  • Competent determining of legal rent price limits for objects, where it is prescribed by law, to avoid additional charges and legal disputes
  • We check our contacts for potential tenants
  • We inform potential buyers with a detailed exposé, which has been processed with the greatest care and competent specialist knowledge
  • Presentation on 20 property platforms.
  • We make first interviews with potential buyers in our representative office in a great location and with customer parking spaces, to spare you from unnecessary home visits and work discreetly to maintain privacy, so your property doesn't become a "museum"
  • Especially risk-free processing due to manager Mag. Bernhard Großruck's education in law, especially in rental laws and his many years of experience as a judicial assessor in the specialist field of rent interests
  • Through the conclusion of a watertight contract in the essential clauses it's possible to ensure a reliability of 100 % regarding the sale of the property
  • Appropriate, legally impeccable transaction-accompaniment when producing the rental contract through a lawyer or notary and suitable, perfectly competent communication
  • Interdisciplinary team out of the property-relevant areas law, technology and economy on academic levels for expert handling of the complex cross-sectional topic of real estate properties
  • Operational handling of real estates cases exclusively through verified real estate agents
  • Thanks to our reflex camera system with extensive lens lineup up till extreme wide angle lenses and permanent light in daylight quality we put your property into scene
  • Perfectly competent management of correspondence through our office, also in English and Italian
  • A lot of objects, which owners try to lease themselves, are on the market for a long time and therefore become "dull" and aren't interesting for potential tenants anymore
  • Upon your request safe and reliable receiving of the deposit
  • Upon your request billing of the rental contract at the tax office; preparing of a handover certificate along with photographic record through us as an independent specialist to avoid conflicts during the term of lease and return of the leased property


  • We have partnerships and cooperation with 1000 real estate agent offices in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria and international through our real estate agents database
  • Installation of a leasing banner/ a leasing board if desired and reasonable
  • Organization and placing of print advertisements in domestic and foreign media
  • Presentation of your property on our website in English


  • Many real estate agents only let generally held brokerage contracts "run along" in the background, due to the absence of cost coverage and leave them unattended in their files
  • The offering of your apartment through several real estate agents inevitably leads to a "depreciation", especially if the object is offered with different, potentially incorrect basic information and different prices
  • A lot of objects, which owners try to sell themselves, are on the market for a long time and therefore become "dull" and aren't interesting for potential buyers anymore
  • We are the contact partner, through whom runs all correspondence with bundled and professional competence you are saved the efforts of writing and receiving countless emails of various contact persons
  • Only when you give us the exclusive selling rights we have the necessary support and therefore the relevant appearance towards the buyer in order to be able to optimally represent your interests optimally

As an owner-managed company we personally make sure of an honest and thorough processing of this legal transaction - in any case.

To guarantee the highest confidentiality possible we work absolutely independent, or on request with hundreds of national and international cooperating offices and partners.

Only if you choose to give us the exclusive selling rights you oblige us as a real estate agent to take the relevant actions in order to find potential clients for you as fast as possible.