Real estate sale online or offline?

A real abundance of real estate internet platforms currently exist on the market. Real estate agents court on this number of platforms for the favour of real estate sellers. Some real estate sellers feel appointed to also quickly place an ad online themselves.

The right reproduction of sales data however still needs a comprehensive "offline" research and proper interpretation of the data, whereby a commercial real estate agent can render valuable services for you as a property owner. For example provision of land register documents, construction plans and plausibility checks of those with the given relations, interpretation of building regulations for the ideal use of a property and therefore their ideal usability and achievement of an optimal purchase price.

Also the completion of sale finally always happens offline: You meet on neutral ground in the office of the real estate agent, often the best condition for relevant sales negotiations. Not every "real estate tourist" who only wants to look at your apartment therefore comes into your house. Your privacy as a real estate seller won't be overly strained with not too serious interested parties, whos seriousness can be probed externally for the time being. Sense of space, exposure and even the smell of a property can only be perceived on-site.

Therefore, this is my Immotip for you: Turn to a certified real estate agent you trust, who advises you apart from internet platforms, social media etc. also offline on neutral ground in his or her well reachable office on neutral ground and leads you to a conclusion. With our real estate office in the heart of Tyrol in the best location in Innsbruck we're happy to be at your disposal as your real estate agent of trust!