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Three situations of „advanced“ selling of property

At the beginning there's often a test-advertisement, a trial balloon of the so-called private seller, to sound out the market and potential interested parties. As an "advanced" real estate seller you might already know the following situations, in which a real estate agent can assist and advise you:

An interested party has announced itself, but you don't know who it is? A real estate agent knows numerous searching customers personally or keeps them listed in their comprehensive interested persons data file. Furthermore, a real estate agent qualifies and selects in his or her ideally central located and perfectly accessible office concrete interested parties on a neutral ground - therefore not every "real estate tourist" comes into your house.

Several purchase offers come up to you at the same time, but everything stays non-binding. Your real estate agent presents you comparable, in the substantial articles of contract prepared and binding purchase offers and therefore you maintain the overview.

Ideally the purchase offer is phrased in a way that its acceptance by you as a real estate seller already represents a so-called pre-contract, therefore a purchase contract in the substantial articles of contract, which can be made register-ready immediately by a lawyer or notary. Finally, a contract should be made, who knows the property to it? Your real estate agent can answer emerging questions professionally and competent and therefore prevents a blow up of the completion of sale and future ambiguities and disputes.

Should you as an advanced real estate seller have mastered the above-mentioned or similar situations successfully, may I congratulate you on your successful real estate sale.

Otherwise, my Immotip for you: Make use of our help as real estate agents, we assist you, in our office in the heart of Tyrol in the best location in Innsbruck, with our law and specialist knowledge in order to help you cope with difficult phases of the real estate sale.