What you do as a real estate consultant with us...

  • You see yourself as a seller of our service as a real estate agent and of the market value of the property 
  • Valuation, preparation and brokerage of real estate
  • Advising and supporting customers throughout the entire sales process
  • Organisation and implementation of tours
  • Processing of assigned objects and object or new customer acquisition
  • Market observation and analysis
  • Coordination and cooperation with our cooperation partners
  • There are many real estate agents for flats and houses - in Innsbruck and throughout Tyrol even more. With us you can work on interesting real estate submarkets - depending on your skills and prerequisites.

What we offer for your job as a real estate consultant...

  • Location, location, location - sophisticated office in the best macro and micro location in the Innsbruck district of Saggen in a property that is conducive to the highest quality property buying and selling .
  • state-of-the-art research technology
  • Immounited for land register queries
  • Immomapping for the survey of land prices and real estate prices in Tyrol
  • Imabis for the determination of real estate offer prices and sifting of the Tyrolean real estate offer ad-hoc
  • Immovaluation for market value determinations in Tyrol
  • Promabis for entering real estate for real estate platforms and managing real estate buyers and sellers
  • Sprengnetter Software(Property Valuation SC, Property Manager)
  • Top - Internet presence
  • Top - Google - Rankings
  • Marketing tools, such as a contemporary, bilingual website with a responsive (optimised for smartphone and tablet) website.
  • the AAA real estate brand AreAlitA, with which you are always top-ranked with us in alphabetically listed real estate agents.
  • Lightning-fast fibre-optic internet and WLAN in the office
  • Support from interdisciplinary team consisting of lawyers and experts
  • Expert expertise for your background knowledge and synergy effects
  • We still have potential, especially in the Tyrolean Oberland and the Tyrolean Unterland, but also in Innsbruck.
  • As a freelancer with a fixed salary and a performance-related commission component, your earnings depend on your success.
  • With Arealita Immobilientreuhand und Sachverständigen GmbH you have good cards - as a representative of our company you enjoy the benefit of the doubt and thus an excellent standing with your customers, private sellers and fellow real estate agents. We create trust in the real estate of our clients, take advantage of our leap of faith in accordance with our motto legally secure - expert - fiduciary.

Her training and career as a real estate agent include...

  • Professional experience as a real estate consultant or real estate agent /
  • via a broad network in the real estate sector
  • Good knowledge of the Tyrol property market and property prices in Tyrol
  • communicative and sociable personality, friendly appearance
  • Ideally relevant training, such as economic or technical training with Matura level, training as a real estate agent assistant or real estate agent at WIFI Tirol or BFI Tirol, relevant studies, e.g. real estate FH Kufstein or qualifying examination as a real estate agent or real estate trustee.
  • Independent and structured way of working
  • Service orientation and quality awareness
  • Commitment and enthusiasm
  • Social competence and ability to work in a team
  • Confident appearance and ability to work under pressure

Photos: © motortio-stock.adobe.com, Mag. Bernhard Großruck

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