Arealita Immobilientreuhand und Sachverständigen GmbH und Mag. Bernhard Großruck
Products and services:
Real estate trustee (real estate agent; real estate manager; property developer) according to § 94 Z. 35 GewO 1994;
Preparation of expert opinions for real estate valuations, rents and user fees

Arealita Immobilientreuhand und Sachverständigen GmbH:
Kaiserjägerstraße 30
6020 Innsbruck (registered office of the company; commercial location)

Court expert Bernhard Großruck:
Kaiserjägerstraße 30, 6020 Innsbruck

Further address:
Osterfeldweg 22, 6060 Hall in Tirol

Company register number:
329756 k
Company register court
Innsbruck regional court
Sales tax identification number:
Arealita Immobilientreuhand und Sachverständigen GmbH: ATU651438

Bernhard Großruck:
Bank details:
Hypo Tirol Bank AG
Authorities according to ECG:
Arealita Immobilientreuhand und Sachverständigen GmbH as real estate trustee (broker, administrator, property developer): Municipality of the City of Innsbruck

Bernhard Großruck as court expert: Innsbruck Regional Court
Management under trade and commercial law:
Mag. Bernhard Großruck
Information according to the Media Act
Media owner:
Arealita Immobilientreuhand und Sachverständigen GmbH
Registered office:
Kaiserjägerstraße 30, 6020 Innsbruck
Object of business:
Real estate trustees (real estate brokers; real estate managers; property developers) according to § 94 Z. 35 GewO 1994;
Preparation of expert opinions for real estate valuations, rents and user charges

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