Wie lange wohl die Dauer eines Hausverkaufs ist? Ihre Eltern haben Ihnen nämlich ihr Haus geschenkt… Für Sie steht es aber außer Frage, dass Sie es selbst beziehen. Sie müssten eine Menge Geld in die Renovierung stecken. Eine Investition, die Sie nicht bereit sind zu zahlen. Daher steht Ihr Entschluss fest: Sie werden das Haus verkaufen.

“Wie lange es wohl dauert bis es verkauft ist?”. Diese Frage ist momentan Ihre Hauptsorge. Zusätzlich quält Sie der Gedanke, wie viel Sie dieses Haus wohl zwischenzeitlich kosten wird. 200, 300 Euro oder mehr an Betriebskosten, die jeden Monat von Ihrem Konto abgezogen werden, wobei Sie dieses Haus nicht einmal bewohnen. Auch die Instandhaltungskosten bereiten Ihnen Sorgen. Was ist, wenn der Verkauf länger dauert? In diesem Zeitraum müssen Sie darauf achten, dass das Haus nicht an Substanz verliert. Ein baufälliges Haus wird Ihren Verkaufserlös nämlich schmälern.

From my many years of experience as a real estate agent, I know such concerns from clients.

Wie lange ein Hausverkauf wirklich dauert, von welchen Faktoren er abhängt und wie Sie die Dauer verkürzen, erfahren Sie in diesem Blogbeitrag. Zusätzlich erhalten Sie einen Geheimtipp vom Experten: Der richtige Verkaufszeitpunkt hat einen massiven Einfluss auf den Verkauf.

Hausverkauf Dauer: Wodurch wird sie beeinflusst?

If you dream of "getting rid" of a house within 2 weeks, I have to disappoint you. That only happens in rare exceptional cases. Experience shows that my clients sell their houses in 3 to 6 months, but sometimes even longer.

But I can reassure you: If you pay attention to the right factors, you can get to your sales profit faster.

Hausverkauf Dauer – Faktor #1: Richtiger Preis

One thing I have learned in my many years of professional experience as an estate agent: there are hardly any houses that are not for sale. It's just that the price is usually the wrong one.

I will explain what I mean by this with an example:

You advertise your dilapidated, small house in a bad location for 4 million euros.

"If it doesn't sell quickly, I can still go down on the price," you think to yourself. A bad thought.

Overpriced houses receive little to no attention. After the lack of enquiries, you will reduce the selling price. Potential buyers will still not be beating down your door. Those who have already looked at your house will now be waiting for you to reduce the price one more time.

Your initial thought of adjusting the price only if necessary will result in the duration of the house sale being protracted and, in the worst case, you will be forced to sell below market value.

Daher mein Tipp: Der richtige Verkaufspreis gleich zu Beginnen, erspart Ihnen viel Zeit, Kummer und Geld.

Mehr zu diesem Thema erfahren Sie in folgendem Blogbeitrag: Hausverkauf: So viel ist Ihr Haus wert!

Hausverkauf Dauer – Faktor #2: Richtige Präsentation

You have advertised your house on the Internet but have not taken much time to do so - after all, you want to sell it as quickly as possible and not waste any time.

But let's be honest: Would you buy a house for expensive money that you hardly recognise from the photo because of the poor quality, that is not adequately described, that still goes over with the deceased grandmother's things? Probably not. But this is exactly how your potential buyers will view your house if you don't take the time to present the object for sale.

Therefore, the top priority is: take your time with photos, description and decluttering. A well-staged listing can shorten the duration of the house sale many times over.

You can also seek advice from an experienced real estate agent. Through his professional experience, he knows the relevant portals and the tricks on how to best stage which properties.

I share my expertise with you in this blog post: Put your property in the right light...first impressions count.

Hausverkauf Dauer – Faktor #3: Unterlagen stets griffbereit

Imagine that you are visiting your house for sale with a potential buyer. He shows keen interest and asks you to show him the energy certificate and the extract from the land register. An unpleasant moment for you - you hadn't thought of these documents. It takes time to apply for the documents at the respective offices. A quick sale is therefore not foreseeable.

The worse consequence of your negligence: your potential buyer will ask himself whether he has come to a serious seller. Experience has shown me that initial doubts about the seller usually lead to a breakdown in the sales negotiations.

Therefore, my tip to you is to always have the most important documents ready. This has two advantages: A serious impression on the buyer and the duration of the house sale is reduced.

Welche Dokumente essenziell für den Hausverkauf sind, lesen Sie hier: Checkliste Hausverkauf: So gehen Sie ideal Schritt für Schritt vor

Hausverkauf Dauer – Faktor #4: Richtigen Verkaufszeitpunkt wählen

Der richtige Verkaufszeitpunkt, hilft Ihnen dabei die Verkaufsdauer zu verkürzen. Um den richtigen Verkaufszeitpunkt für Ihr Haus zu finden, haben wir 3 hilfreiche Tipps:

Tipp #1: 2 Jahreszeiten bieten Top-Preise

My many years of experience as an estate agent in Tyrol have shown me that 2 seasons are particularly interesting for sellers. The demand for houses is particularly high during these times:

  1. Autumn: In summer, many people lack the time to deal with the property search; be it due to the planned holiday or the additional care of the children who are on holiday. About a week after school starts, Tyroleans start looking for their dream home again.
  2. Spring: The real estate market is also searched more intensively for houses in spring. The reason for this is that the warm weather makes potential buyers more active. Many people schedule house viewings during the transitional season.

From the seller's point of view, the months from April to June are also a good time to advertise your property. In the warm season you can literally put your house in the "best light". Your house will be better lit than on dark winter days. House entrances, gardens, balconies etc. are not covered by snow. This also makes property boundaries more clearly visible.

Tipp #2: Warten Sie nicht auf das “beste Angebot”

You may have noticed that some houses have been on the market for what feels like an eternity. Sellers want to wait for the best offer. But: the longer the property is for sale, the more likely it is to lose value.

The reason: Real estate professionals push the price down until they can buy the house themselves at a cheap price. How do you succeed in this? The professionals offer their houses at a low price, which makes the more expensive property unattractive to potential buyers.

I have often seen private sellers selling their house below value to real estate professionals. Of course, you want to avoid that.

That's why I advise you not to wait too long after listing your house to sell it. However, this does not mean that you should accept the first offer that comes along.

Wait for enquiries from several interested parties who are willing to pay your selling price. In the best case, these buyers already have proof of your financial means, i.e. their creditworthiness. If not, you should arrange this immediately.

After checking the creditworthiness of the buyer - this can take three to six weeks - you should decide for or against the prospective buyer as quickly as possible.

Ein zusätzlicher Tipp: Achten sie darauf, Ihren Preisvorschlag dem Marktwert anzupassen. Verlangen Sie nämlich zu viel, beginnt sich die Preisspirale nach unten zu drehen

In addition to seasonal and economic factors, however, there is one thing above all that is decisive for getting the best price for your house: the current interest rate trend.

Tipp #3: Der ideale Verkaufszeitpunkt ist von der Zinslage abhängig

For those of you who are thinking of selling your house: The best time to do so always depends on the interest rate situation. You may ask yourself, why? Didn't I just explain that transitional periods guarantee the best selling prices?

Yes, that is correct. However, the current interest rate development speaks for a sale. Due to the low interest rates, top prices are currently being paid for houses on the real estate market.

Wenn Sie also für Ihr Haus einen guten Preis erzielen möchten, sollte Sie die aktuelle Entwicklung für einen Hausverkauf nutzen. Dieser kann entweder über einen Makler laufen oder privat abgewickelt werden. Näheres zum Verkauf mit oder ohne Makler erfahren Sie im folgenden Beitrag: Hausverkauf mit oder ohne Makler: Wie Sie kein Geld verschenken.

Fazit: Nachlässigkeiten Ihrerseits kann die Dauer des Hausverkaufs verlängern

Wenn Sie ein Haus verkaufen wollen, dürfen Sie auch Kleinigkeiten nicht außer Acht lassen. Das passende Inserat, die frühzeitige Beschaffung essenzieller Unterlagen oder der passende Monat. Vielleicht anfangs nicht die primären Dinge, auf die Sie beim Hausverkauf Ihr Augenmerk legen. Aber genau solche Kleinigkeiten machen den Unterschied, ob Sie Ihr Haus in 3 Monaten verkaufen oder erst nach 8 Monaten.

An experienced estate agent can give you advice and help you to ensure that nothing is overlooked and you don't have to wait months for the profit on the sale.

Do you have any other questions about what to look out for if you want to shorten the time it takes to sell your house?

You are welcome to contact us directly: Via e-mail(immobilien@arealita.at), via telephone(+ 43 512 580 242) or via contact form (click here!).

Yours sincerely,
Yours sincerely, Bernhard Großruck

I would like to sell my house with an estate agent!

Photo: © fizkes - adobe.stock.com

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