You and your partner live in a house. It used to seem so busy with the children, but now it seems much too big. You decide to sell it and move into a smaller flat. Sell your house discreetly so that no one notices? You don't give it a second thought. A wrong decision, as you realise a little later.

"They'll probably get divorced"
"No, they must need money! "

Just an excerpt of the rumours that circulate about you in your neighbourhood shortly after you place your ad.

Besides the gossip in the neighbourhood, you also have to deal with onlookers. Every day, "interested parties" come to view the house - but no one is really interested in buying.

Not to mention the queasy feeling that your exact address and contact details are available for anyone to see on the internet.

You could spare yourself all that if you sold your house anonymously in camera. But is that even possible? From my many years of professional experience as an estate agent, I can tell you that it is certainly possible. You can read about how to sell your house discreetly and whether it is advisable to try it on your own in this blog post.

Selling a house discreetly: What is the best way to proceed?

Option #1: Sell the house discreetly on your own

One way to advertise your home without giving your contact details is to place a box number ad.

Instead of contact details, your prospective buyer receives a box number code. The enquiries are sent to the respective medium in which you have advertised your house (portal, newspaper or similar). They will forward the enquiries received to you.

What is rarely considered in these anonymous ads: As soon as you get in touch with the potential buyer, he in turn knows your identity. After all, you will have to confess to him when you enter into further sales negotiations with him.

Another trick that many sellers use to preserve their identity: an advertisement with few details. They do without concrete addresses and photos. There should be as little information as possible that could be inferred from their person.

No doubt this approach serves your anonymity, but it is questionable how many enquiries you will receive. Would you be interested in a house where you only know the vague location or can hardly guess what the property for sale really looks like?

Option #2: Sell house discreetly with estate agent

In order to remain anonymous when selling a house, the involvement of an estate agent is advantageous. He acts as a middleman for you and takes care of initiating and concluding the sale. Your big advantage: He acts in his own name. Your data will not be made public.

My tip: Trust a real estate agent with experience and not a beginner. The experienced estate agent has a wide network and a large number of interested parties (pre-marketing clients). The larger his network, the more potential buyers he has at his disposal.

After selecting the right estate agent, you give him or her a sole brokerage contract. This means that you commission him or her with the sole brokerage of your house. He is obliged to advertise and market your house in the best possible way. He is only entitled to his fee after a successful sale.

Before he starts searching for interested parties, they determine your target group and your asking price together with him. With this information, they can contact those of their potential buyers for whom your house is of interest.

Since the estate agent takes care of the brokerage, no property for sale will appear on the internet in connection with your name. The sale can take place discreetly, without you becoming the village gossip of the neighbourhood and everyone knowing your details.


Conclusion on the discreet sale of a house: possible at high risk privately, easier and safer with an estate agent

There is no question that you can sell your house without an estate agent. You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of selling a house with and without an estate agent in my blog post " With and without an estate agent - How not to give away money when selling a house".

Möchten Sie allerdings Ihr Haus verkaufen, ohne dass Ihr Name nach außen aufscheint, geht meine Empfehlung klar zum Verkauf MIT Makler. Nur durch Einschaltung eines Mittelsmanns können Sie sich sicher sein, dass Ihre Verkaufsabsichten nicht an die Öffentlichkeit gelangen und Ihre Identität anonym bleibt. Der Makler übernimmt die gesamte Abwicklung für Sie.

You have the desire to sell your house discreetly?

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Yours sincerely, Bernhard Großruck

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